Louvenia McMillan has been honing her culinary and technical skills  –  as well as engaging in her passion to educate and inspire –  for over 35 years.  After her formal education, a horticultural specialist in the United States Peace Corps, and 21 years of honorably serving as Lieutenant Commander in the United States Coast Guard, she decided to embrace her true calling as a chef.  Upon graduating from the renowned International Culinary Center (formerly French Culinary Institute) in New York City, she trained under Chef Kristen Snavely at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s ABC Kitchen. 

It was through her rural upbringing that Louvenia began developing her keen palate and sense of flavors. Louvenia’s culinary portfolio is a direct reflection of her Southern upbringing and includes culinary infusion through extensive travels throughout Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.  She possesses the passion, world experience, and culinary expertise to provide impeccable service and 5 star culinary creations to satisfy your every food and taste desire. 

While proficient in a variety of cuisines and modern cooking techniques, Louvenia also has the sensitivity to create custom menus in accordance with your lifestyle and eating habits, while meeting all your dietary considerations.  The inspiration for creating new and interesting dishes comes from the seasonal availability of local produce. And as a professional personal trainer and student of nutrition, she incorporates a truly unique and holistic approach to food planning and nutrition.

Louvenia is the also Chef and Owner of the Obsidian Food Collective (OFC), which is a minority and veteran owned small business founded on the guiding principle of providing superior service and producing successful intimate gatherings to extravagant corporate events and weddings. What makes this collective unique is our food anthropology outreach.  

OFC provides vending opportunities to promising and skilled culinary talent for the purpose of sharing diverse and holistic approaches to food.  The goal is to find solutions to social, cultural, or environmental problems by leveraging organic cultural cuisine experiences in a non-threatening entrepreneurial environment. And by doing this, we honor the proverb of the Ganda people of Buganda: “a united family eats from the same plate.” 

Louvenia’s efforts have resulted in another exciting culinary venture: Diaspora Global Street Food.  This culinary off-shoot of OFC incorporates her extensive cultural culinary travels and homage to global cuisine and those who prepare these dishes.

Simply tell us your culinary preferences and we will send you original menu ideas designed around your personal tastes…all you have to do is choose.